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Knifes And Blades


We  DONOT SELL Knifes or Blades to MINORS. . Please refrain from this category if your are 18 years below

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GB X114 Scout Folding Knife
BRAND NEW Scout Foldable knife model X114.Clip Point Scout Lockback type. 4" closed. 3 1/4" partiall..
GB X115 Mini Folding Pocket Knife
BRAND NEW Mini Folding Pocket Knife. A sleek, lightweight Folded knife, no adventure pack is complet..
GB X27 Mini Folding Pocket Knife
Brand New GB Mini-Remix folding pocket knife X27. This blade knife is no longer in manufacture ..
GB X29 Mini Folding Pocket Knife
BRAND NEW Mini X29 Folding Pocket foldable Knife is another best seller for anyone that needs a knif..
GB X32 Mini Folding Pocket Knife
Best Priced brand new Mini X32 Folding Pocket Knife. Small at very affordable priced product from ou..
GB X39 Automatic Pocket Folding Knife
BRAND NEW Foldable Knife GBX29.The blade is no longer in production and is discontinued, and would m..
Hibben Claw II Karambit Tactical Hunting 6" Knife w/ Leather Sheath
Hibben Tactical Hunting Claw Karambit Bowie 6" Knife w/ Leather Sheath The unusual grip is de..
Based on 2 reviews.
Mantis Folding Karambit Claw Knife MK-2
  The is the one of the first Siblings of Karambit Fighters. It's tanto style blade is a lit..
Ninja Shuriken Throwing Star Knife
NOTE: WE DO NOT Sell Thie Item to MINORS A shuriken is a traditional Japanese weapon that was gen..
QTR-Z Folding Karambit Claw Knife
This is stainless blade karambit QuarterMaster hawkbill blade with dual thumb hole pulls and th..
Based on 1 reviews.
S&W Black Exquisite Steel Knife SW990
Smith&Wesson S&W Excellent Quality SW990 Sentinel Steel Hunting Knife Survival NOTE: WE D..
Based on 1 reviews.
S&W Extreme Ops Black Tactical Knife
Smith & Wesson Knives Extreme Ops Black Tactical Knife S&W Extreme Ops Linerlock, bl..
Self Defense Belt Knife Ebony Buckle
Self Defense Belt Knife Outdoor Ebony Buckle Tactical "hidden in plain sight" belt knife system! ..
Stainless Butterfly Balisong Knife
NOTE: WE DO NOT Sell Thie Item to MINORS Approximately 8..5 inches long,  Very thick an..
Based on 1 reviews.
Strider Pocket Folding Knife
STRIDER POCKET FOLDING KNIFE We do not sell this to minors   DESCRIPTION: Brand New..
Surefire SF Tactical Multipuropose Folding Knife
The Crank features a drop-point blade made of 154CM stainless steel and features a finger guard/flip..