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Magical Heat Pad, Reusable Heat Pack

Magical Heat Pad, Reusable Heat Pack
Magical Heat Pad, Reusable Heat Pack Magical Heat Pad, Reusable Heat Pack
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This product is used in physical cure and daily health care. It is made from advances technology. And this can give off heat at 53deg centigrade instantly without any power source. This product has no side effect. Can be used several times in both cold and hot environment. This can keep you warm, subside swelling and relieves pain. It has notable effect in curing arthritis, leg and waist pain, stomach cold, abdominal pain and dysmenorrhea.

1. Bend the circular metal sheet sightly with fingers, pinch it tightly. The substance in the bag will slowly crystalize and finally become solid and gives off heat.
2. Put the heat bag in your desired part of the body while its still hot.

How To Reuse:
1. After using this for about 30-60mins, the heat will slowly decrease and the bag becomes cold. To reuse it again, put it in a boiling water for 5-7 minutes to make the solid particle become liquid. To avoid being burned, you need to wrap it with towel or cloth.
2. When the bag cools down, it can be reused again. That means bending the metal sheet again will make the liquid bag become solid and produces heat.
3. This product can be used several times.

1. Do not stab or puncture the bag.
2. Put some cloth under the heat bag when boiling to prevent it from overheating below the heating pan.
3.DO NOT EAT the liquid substance. 
4. When destroyed, stop using it and throw it away.

NOTE; Available in Square and Round Size (Ship in available size and color)

Package Includes:
1x Heat Bag Sqquare (13cm x 8.5cm), round (12cm)

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