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Pocket Mini Microscope 45X Magnifier with pouch

Pocket Mini Microscope 45X Magnifier with pouch
Pocket Mini Microscope 45X Magnifier with pouch Pocket Mini Microscope 45X Magnifier with pouch
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Pocket Mini Microscope 45X Magnifier with LED Light

Brand new Pocket Mini Microscope 45X Magnifier with 2 LED Lights Adjustable And Portable. Lightweight and Easy to carry. 
Apply to industry, medical, geography, gardening, teaching and so on

Size: 37x36x18 mm, or 1.46x1.42x0.71 inch 
Battery: 3 x LR927 batteries(included)
Color: Silver
Packaging size: 60*50*30 mm
Net weight: 22g
Package weight: 31g

Packing content:
1 x mini microscope 
3 x LR927 batteries 
1 x black case   


1. Pull the battery separator plastic. 
2. Place the specimen on a flat surface
3. Place the microscope at upright position with transparent cover face down
4. Swithc on the LED by Pushing the Power Switch
5. Adjust the zoom power adjusting wheel
6. Look through the eye piece, turn slowly the focusing wheel to obtain the sharpest image.

1. Please do not over-adjust the focus gear 
2. Please avoid severe shock
3. Please do not long expose to the sun, especially in summer, do not put it close to the heating gas.
4. Please do not loosen which should not be rotating, any demolition will scratch the lens malfunction 
5. Please clean the lens with a soft clean cloth or lens cleaning paper. 
6. Please do not use gasoline, oil, pesticides and other things to scrub the dirty on it. Don’t scrub it with cloth with soapy water 
7. In case of above 140f, the product will be out of shape 
8. In order to not damage the battery liquid instruments, please note the following: 
    a. Cut off the power switch after use 
    b. The battery exchange immediately after use 
    c. If haven’t used it for long time ,please remove the battery out of the equipment to avoid leakage which may caused damage to the detector

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