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Power Bank Wallet with LED Light 5600mah

Power Bank Wallet with LED Light 5600mah
Power Bank Wallet with LED Light 5600mah Power Bank Wallet with LED Light 5600mah Power Bank Wallet with LED Light 5600mah Power Bank Wallet with LED Light 5600mah
Brand: Imported
Product Code: PB-5600wallet
Availability: In Stock
Price: Php300.00

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5600mAh Power Bank Charger with LED Light
1.Brand New
2.Long service life,more than 500 times for the charging and discharging 
3.Built-in 5600mAh capacity rechargeable lithium 18650 battery
4.New rechargeable battery, no memory, more than 500 circle time
5.Built with IC chip to protect your devices from short circuit,overcharge
6.Equip with perfume,good to smell: equip with strap,easy to carry
7.Compatible:with iPhone/iPod/NOKIA/HTC/Samsung/Motorola/SONY/PS3 As well as most USB charging mobile phones and electronic devices(Please make sure the device's charging specification)
1.Capacity: 5600mAh
2.Quantity: 1 
3.Dimension: 95 mm x 43 mm x 21mm
4.Weight: 150g
5.Input: DC 5V 0.5A
6.Output: DC 5V 1A
7.Color: Black, Blue, Green, Pink,White
We ship in random colors
1. Use USB cable with Micro connector to charge power bank
2. The "IN" port is the charging port of power bank. You can charge power bank from adapter's USB or charging from computer's USB.
3. When LED indicator is red that means the power bank is being charged, The LED indicator will turn off if fully charge
4. Use the micro connector to charge your cellphone, If it's blue that means your mobile phone is charging.
1.Though we only supply 1 connector for android phones, but you can charge any machine with this battery with your own USB charge cable !
2.For iPhone 5S/5C/5 users, u need to charge ur iPhone 5S/5C/5 use your own usb cable, thanks.


The charging time the power bank can make depends on several factors:

- Your phone battery mah size. 1200mah battery charge faster than 2000mah
- The number and types of apps your phone is running in the foreground and background.

More apps running means your phone needs a lot of power to charge

- Dual sim phone will consume more power than single sim
- Bluetooth, GPS, WIFI, Mobile Data, Mobile Hotspot etc Enabled will consume a lot of banks power during charging. Mobile hotspot enable consumes 5x++ more power. WIFI enabled consumes 3x+ more power.
- External apps like FB, PlayStore, etc ENABLE will also consume a lot of power.
- The LCD size of your phone. 5" LCD will consume more power than 4".
- The status of your phone battery and the condition of power bank charge.

Sometimes, the power bank will not charge your phone 100% if you have too many apps running specially WIFI and hotspots.

Package Included:
1 X 5600mAh Battery Charger Power Bank with LED Light
1 X USB Cable  with micro connector  (AC Wall Charger adapter is not included)

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