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Zoomable 18650 Battery Stun Gun Flashlight 1104

Zoomable 18650 Battery Stun Gun Flashlight 1104
Zoomable 18650 Battery Stun Gun Flashlight 1104 Zoomable 18650 Battery Stun Gun Flashlight 1104 Zoomable 18650 Battery Stun Gun Flashlight 1104 Zoomable 18650 Battery Stun Gun Flashlight 1104
Brand: Imported
Product Code: 1104 Type
Availability: In Stock
Price: Php600.00

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Improved model Stun Gun 1104 - a unique latest development among the many high-impact shocker of the same type. This is an indispensable device to help his owner to stand up for yourself and feel the full security

Most new development this year! Indispensable thing for those who actually care about their own safety!

Stun Gun Taser 1104 Lightning has shockproof aluminum body and a powerful three modal LED lantern (two brightness modes + strobe (frequent blinking)). ZOOM function allows you to adjust the beam lamps from wide angle to a point. All electronic component is made on the basis of new technology, and the increased capacity of an order of magnitude (from 15 to 20 W).

A distinctive feature of the Taser is the introduction of a new type of arrester. Most shockers are equipped with one or two pairs of combat electrodes electroshock 1104 Lightning has a bit part koronaranogo type, thus ensuring complete safety while using the device.

Electrodes coronary type may issue more than one, but two arcs, and thereby ensured the maximum effect of electroshock. Spherical electrodes "coronary" type are more effective than current-transfer all currently known models of shockers. This innovation greatly increased area of contact with the attacker's body, which also reduces the likelihood of misfires and increases the efficiency of the procedure.

1104 Taser is very effective in protecting against all breeds of dogs, as they can not tolerate the smell of ozone, which is released during the discharge. To scare away any dog simply make idle discharge in the air.



Discharge voltage of 20,000 kW
The number of electrodes 2
Distance between electrodes 34 mm
The gap between the electrodes of 9 mm
Built-in LED flashlight
Number 1 LEDs (LED)
Luminous flux 180 lm (Lumen)
The battery is removable
Battery type Lithium-ion (Li-ion)
Battery Type 1 x 18650
Battery voltage 3.7 V
Charge / discharge cycles the battery> 600 (up to 20% loss of capacity)
Battery self-discharge 3% per month at +25 ° C
AC 220V Charger included
Car charger included
Charging current of 500 mA
Full-charge time 10-12 hours
Operating temperature -20 ... + 45 ° C at a relative. humidity. 80%
Body Material Aluminum Alloy (Aluminium alloy)
color black
Dimensions 215x30x38 mm (dl. / Dia. Ser. / Dia. Up)
Weight 230 grams.

Package Included:
1x  Stungun Taser Zoomable 1104
1x  AC 220V Charger
1x  Car Charger
1x  18650 Battery

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