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Stainless Handheld Steel Pocket Wire Saw

Stainless Handheld Steel Pocket Wire Saw
Stainless Handheld Steel Pocket Wire Saw Stainless Handheld Steel Pocket Wire Saw
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Stainless Handheld Steel Pocket Wire Saw

An ongoing subject discussed in the outdoor enthusiast community is the usefulness of "survival" saws, also known as wire saws, rope saws, pocket chainsaws and flexible saws. For the most part the idea is to carry a lightweight cutting tool that will help us start a fire and build a shelter.

* Reliability - trustworthy, reliable, dependable - will it hold up to the tasks we need to perform and for how long.
* Portability - Carried or moved with ease: things such as weight and size are very important to a person carrying the items in his pack.
* Usability - besides capable of being used, we want to talk about how much energy we have to exert to use the tool. How easy it is to use the saw and lets not forget comfort.
* Maintainability - A maintainable tool. This goes with durability but when we refer to saws we can think of things such as can I sharpen the teeth on the saw etc.



Light weight,small size,flexible & easy to carry

Suitable for hunter,fisher,camper,explorer,emergency,other outdoor activities & family use etc.

Material: One steel wire with sawtooth & two rings

Ring: 3.5cm in diameter

Can be used for cutting plastic,wood, bone, rubber etc.  



Color: Silver

Total length: about 67cm

Net weight: 23g

Package weight: 33g


Package Include

  1 x Wire Saw

   No packaging included


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