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Sensors And Transducers

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Auto On Off Street Light Photo Control Sensor Switch 220V 10A
Widely used for street, highway, factories, garden, ports, airports, farm, parks, schools, an..
DHT22 AM2302 Digital Temperature & Humidity Sensor
Description: 1.Type:AM2302 2.Accuracy resolution:0.1 3.Humidity range:0-100%RH 4.Temperature ran..
Home Security Door Window Entry Alarm Warning System
Features: 1. New and high quality 2. Super loud 90 dB alarm 3. Convenience in installatio..
Intelligent Auto On Off Light Sound Voice Sensor Switch
Product Description This sensor is in dormant state in lighted environment, for example in d..
Intelligent Infrared IR Light Motion Sensor Switch
Features: Infrared technology based automatic motion sensor switch. Automatic turn ON/OFF whil..
Smoke Detector Alarm
Alert and warn people stay far away from danger field when it detected smoke.  The detector ad..
Stainless Water Level Liquid Sensor Float Switch
This is a Mini stainless steel float swith, contains no mercury.This stainless float sensor i..
Water Level Liquid Sensor Float Switch
A float switch is a device used to sense the level of liquid within a tank. The switch may actuate a..